Gartner ecm maturity model

Gartner ecm maturity model

Forgot username or password? Organizations need ECM to manage the increasing growth, volume and diversity of their content.

The aim of the model is to provide a structured framework that allows an enterprise to measure their level of capability in various ECM areas, and provide a roadmap for improvement. If, like me, you think this Gartner ecm maturity model super cool and long overdue, read on. No-one is trying to make any money out of this. Just a bunch of smart people trying to provide some rigour in an area which certainly needs it.

It has a handy glossary if you want more information on any of these. In summary, the framework provides 13 maturity dimensions, categorised as one of Human, Information or Systems.

The general idea is that a company should rank themselves on a scale of 1 unmanaged, you suck to 5 pro-active, you rock Gartner ecm maturity model each dimension. This figure taken from the document shows all the dimensions. A fuller description of each is included in the framework. So, how do we categorise ourselves against these dimensions? And what does each level mean for each dimension? In my humble opinion, this chart is worth its weight in gold.

When I first looked at it, it just felt right. Logical, well thought out and user friendly. Here it is click to enlarge:. I downloaded the 37 page document about a month ago, but felt I had to test it before writing about it. We then took the average did somone say crowd-sourced?

After performing this exercise, I like the model even more. The independent rankings provided Gartner ecm maturity model my colleagues were all remarkably close. No-one was ever more than 1 point away from the average score on any dimension, which tells me that the framework is generally logical and unambiguous.

The whole meeting only took an hour. The first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one. Gartner ecm fullness likeness.

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  • Effective enterprise content management is becoming crucial. This report describes how Gartner's Maturity...
  • Organizations need ECM to manage the increasing growth, volume and diversity of...

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    Since its release it's an overhaul of an earlier model , I have had a number of people point out to me the similarities between it and the open source maturity model for ECM that we contribute to, called ECM3 , which is now a part of MIKE2.

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